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Let go of perfect.

There are so many great ideas, passions that never make the cut due to constant worry and fear about how good it will be. Often we are so consumed by perfection that we end up doing absolutely nothing and then we feel down as a result, then the spiral continues.

Start to actively let go of the detrimental concept that things need to be perfect in order to get started or to even continue. Perfecting comes along the way, it should be a gentle process not hard pressing and stressful. Constantly remind yourself that this is not a race, go at your own pace and ignore the timelines that everyone tries to enforce on you.

Sometimes we are so consumed by perfection that it becomes harmful to our well being and our minds. We start to race against the timelines laid out by other people at the expense of our health and well - being.

If you are currently lost in the bitter of spiral of perfectionism then it's time to take a breather and remember why you started;

  • You started because you believed you could make a difference.

  • You started because you thought it was fun.

  • You started because you are capable of doing amazing things.

Ease up and remember why you started.

It is far too easy to get caught up in the lies of perfectionism, the idea that everything must be perfect has a negative effect on us. Get lost in the beauty of doing the very things you love to do for the simple fact that you love to do them. Try not to get lost in the perfection of each moment that you forget to enjoy the journey along the way.

Writing for me is a passion but I'm often held up at stop called 'analysis paralysis'. I'm gently making a decision to re-spark the joy in what I love to do rather than doing it to keep up an audience.

Remember your why & stop overthinking it.

You started doing these great things for a reason so instead of measuring yourself against the progress of others just do it for you. Get lost in this moment right here the reality is that this moment is all that we have. Do the things you love to do because you enjoy them and because you can make a tiny difference. Do it because the world needs what you have to offer and stop worrying about being perfect.

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