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Sunday Brunch: The new normal

Stay healthy and please follow government advice where you are!

The new normal!! Well at least for the time being. As i was going through my gallery and making some space on my phone, it was nice to reminisce, look through great memories and moments captured. It's so nice to look back and almost re-live the beautiful moments again.

So as we are all adjusting in one way or another, i have kept my eyes peeled, looking at the interesting ways people are using this time:

- Discover new music- do it, there is no better time to discover new talent or enjoy your old faves

- Embrace creativity, have you always wanted to write, get your paint brushes wet, learn a dance routine - do it!

- Online work outs!!!! Now this has actually been so much fun and much harder than i anticipated. Stay healthy and listen to your body, try not to over do it and wear yourself out completely.

- Recipes! Recipes! Recipes!!! A lot more people are sharing their secret recipes and formula's online. Is it finally time for you to try and make that dish that you have been putting off? I am definitely attempting curry goat soon and i am looking forward to it, hopefully it tastes good!

- Read Read Read. I have got a tower block of books that i can't wait to read and dive into.

- New hobbies that can be done within the home, discover yours and be proud of the small steps you are taking

- Let's get the elephant out of the room, so many people are using the apps Tik Tok and House Party to have some fun, join in if that is your thing!

- Catch up on some YouTube or finally start your own channel!

- With so much more time to chill, there has been a lot more family time which has been beautiful to see. Even if your family are not in the country or nearby, Face Time, Whatsapp video call or discover a new app that allows you to maintain communication with your loved ones.

Everyone has their own opinions on how to manage their time during this unprecedented season of life but whatever you do, make sure you don't sink and spiral down into LONELINESS! The truth is that so many people will feel exceptionally lonely during this time and will wish that they had people around physically. Check on the ones that have gone quiet, do your little bit to show someone that you care about them and that they are not alone in this season.

ANXIETY is on the rise! Look up the internet on ways to calm your nerves during this time. You know yourself better than anyone else, there are herbs, remedies and self help advice that can be found online, do your research and remember what works for someone else might not be your perfect answer but it could still help so share knowledge!!

Kick fear and worry out of the door, they are completely counter productive, instead try this:

~Say a prayer

~Sing your heart out

~Be patient with yourself and others

~Self reflect and write it down

~Pause for clarity

~Show some love

~Drown out the negativity by embracing positivity.

~~~~~~ Stay prayed up and hopeful~~~~~~

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