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Survival Kit: Life in your 20s

Life has become like tumble weed, especially life in the beautiful 20s where you are supposed to have everything together before you hit 30 otherwise somehow you have 'failed' but the truth is regardless of age, there is not one person who has the board game of life all figured out.

Sadly, social media does not make this any easier on any of us - we aspire to idealisms of a snapshot. Bombarded with amazing scenic pictures, flawless individuals who dress amazing and of course the phrase ' I woke up like this' made famous by Beyonce are all contributors to the social frenzy. There is a great antidote to this though which is to remain present in every stage of your life while mastering the art of being content (not complacent believe it or not the line is quite thin!) and gratitude goes a very long way too!

 The perils of being a millennial is that everything happens so fast and you rarely get time to actually think, stop, breathe, pause. We all fall victim of the same crime, feeling rather nauseous at the pace of life and the fact that it does not seem to be in order 24/7 no matter how much we make it look as though it is all in order and under 'our' control.

You dare to press pause and suddenly you should have your masters degree, your first house, spouse and twins in the oven all at the same time. Let us dispel this myth once and for all there is no such thing as the overnight success, the overnight success is that you are literally working over night to get to your desired.

So here are my top tips for surviving life in the glorious 20s

1. Take life at your own individual pace - enjoy your pace and understand that you are not in competition with any one, your only challenge is to give each day the best you can at that moment in time.

2. Find your fulfilment - what fulfils you will be different to what fulfils the CEO of your company. Your fulfilment matters!

3. You might need to start again - education, business plan, relationship - it is ok to have to start over - do not beat yourself down it is not fair on you. The beauty of life is that we are ever evolving, changing and growing which means that a different version of you may require a different skillset.

4. Self Love Is the best kind of love - we often try to love others before learning how to really love ourselves, unlearn this.

5. Look after your mind - be kinder to yourself and look after the inner woman/man, build strength from the struggles because more than likely you will use these to help uplift and empower another.

I hope this post has left you with a smile on your face :)

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