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Gold Digging

I've been thinking about this recently, a quote many of us are familiar with 'abuse is inevitable when the intended purpose is unknown' for example you might see a remote control and not know what it is used for and as a result you use it as a hammer or like using a car as a boat, you are bound to sink. When purpose is unknown abuse is inevitable. How about if you haven't taken the time to identify what God has called you to be or the gifts that have been intricately placed on the inside of you?

Purpose is not discovered overnight (so don't beat yourself up about this) but digging deep within to unleash each treasure on the inside of you can/should be exercised daily. If you do not know what you have then you will continuously look externally for a solution.

Believe it or not but you are indeed a gold mine, and often you take for granted the gifts and blessings that you have within you.

Take some time each day to understand and unleash the gold that exists deep on the inside of you and use it to encourage someone else to do exactly the same or more for themselves. If you don’t know the values on the inside of you then how will you be able to use what you have to your full potential. You will always be looking outwardly when you should be looking on the inside of you (you are a gold mine - so get digging.)

Don’t get caught up looking elsewhere for Gold when the true gold lies on the inside of you. You are valuable beyond what you think or what you have been told but the only way to really understand what you possess is to spend some quality time gold digging. Search deep within you to realise that there are indeed some unbirthed goals, unbirthed dreams and visions. It is down to you to search for your value and understand that you are the worlds greatest contribution. Your presence on earth matters and what you have to give can make an incredible difference.

Gold digging takes sweat, it takes hard work, consistent effort and sometimes it can even be painful but the end result is beautiful gold. That is your God given right to know that indeed you are gold.

Take a look at the steps involved in gold mining and you will see that there are plenty of stages before gold takes on its irresistible form. Gold is beautiful, shiny and most of all valuable. But Gold in it’s original state does not look like the end product. The end product has been through many stages before it is presented to us. Bare this in mind when you are gold digging.

You are a gold mine, search deep, dig deep and embrace each stage of your journey. It might not look great at the moment but when you get digging and working through the process you will see a great end result. Realise that everything you go through and overcome is all part of your gold mine. Don’t ever stop digging.

You are authentic & original. You are Gold!

‘I will refine them like silver and purify them like gold’ Zecharaih 13:9

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