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It's not a sprint!

Recently I had a conversation with a musician who said, 'I don’t worry about how long it takes me to get the publishing deal I want, longevity is more important to me and for that reason I am patient'. We're often compelled to think quick, respond quick, everything we do has an element of 'quick' attached to it. The time constraints are enforced from a very young age and this can lead one down a path of getting ideas achieved 'quickly' but not to a great standard.

Are you worried about how quickly you will get to your end goal or are you more concerned with how well you will do when you actually get there?

Myleik Teele recently said – 'Yes, I've bought a house but now I have to worry about about maintaining the monthly payments'.

Getting to your goal is one part of the story but ensuring that you can keep going whilst you are there is a whole new chapter.

Take the pressure off yourself, worry less about the pace and speed of your journey. It really isn't about how fast you get there (although time is of the essence) your journey isn't a race. Enjoy going at your own pace as opposed to the pace of everyone else. Be patient with yourself and make a plan for when you reach your destination.

So many people win large sums of money from playing the lottery but loose the money just as quickly. The reason behind for this is that there was no concrete plan in place, you need to plan for your success from now. There should be a blueprint in place for when your time of fortune arrives.

Build your master plan using the tools you currently have, you will reach your goal soon but will you be able to handle all the ins and outs that comes with it?

Stay focused on how well as opposed to how fast. It might take a while to get there but don't take your eyes off the prize despite the time it takes.

It's not a sprint, so take it easy on yourself.

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