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Are You Committed?

Are you even committed?

No seriously, ask yourself this:

1. Are you committed to the late nights and early mornings while chasing your dreams?

2. Are you committed to overcoming the struggles and jumping over hurdles that come your way?

3. Are you committed to giving your vision life even when it looks like it is all coming down?

4. Are you committed to doing all it takes?

Commitment is fundamental to achievement. People start the gym and give up after three weeks because they are no longer committed and can not take the pain. People give up on eating healthy because they aren't committed to the end result, people stop chasing their dream because they are no longer committed?

What will it take for you to stay committed?

Whether it is relationship, goals, fitness, faith etc

Starting something is not where the real work is - it's staying committed to the rest of the journey that is the hard part.

The walk of faith is a commitment because you know that come rain or shine, your hope & your trust is completely in God because you are committed to Him and committed to the walk of faith!

Commitment is serious business, like the signature on a marriage certificate or the symbolism of the ring in a marriage, this is how serious you need to be when going after your dreams.

When you say you are committed, your actions need to match up to your words. A married couple say their vows at the alter and they do everything they can to make their vows match their actions. In order to stay committed you need to see past the hardship, you need to be fully focused on the bigger picture. It is not easy to be committed to anything, which is why most people give up. Will you be that person that decides to give up?

Here's what my friend had to say about marriage and commitment - this can also be likened to everyday life, the result of commitment is rewarding despite the challenges:

'You may be familiar with the saying "marriage is not a destination, it's a journey". A school you don't graduate from, but continuously tested on. Marriage is a continuous learning process where both parties constantly learn things about each other and most importantly themselves. For me the simple key to a happy marriage is to love your spouse the way Christ loves you. (Flaws and all). Going into marriage requires 100% of you. All in or nothing, because at the end of the day you are accountable to 2 people in life -yourself and God. The same way we invest in education, career, fitness, business, interests, we need to pour that same relentless energy into our marriage. Failure to prepare is preparing to fail. That principle can be applied in every aspect of your life, including your marriage.'

Stay committed to your goals dreams and aspirations and you won't be disappointed, it's not at all easy to stay committed to a task but it is extremely rewarding if you do.

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