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The Barrier We Call Fear

Exchange your fear for faith! Fear is defined as ‘An unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, or harm./ A feeling of anxiety concerning the outcome of something’.

Fear arrives in different forms, like when you are about to get on a ride at the theme park or drive a car for the first time or even when you are about to go into labour, this can be described as feeling apprehensive. Then there is a fear that tries to control your life and stop you from being the greatest version of yourself that you could ever be.

Fear can be seen as one of the biggest barriers in life, it can hinder one’s movement, belief, progression and can stop you from living your life the way you would want to. Fear is a limitation that affects mental well being, leading to states of panic and anxiety. There are many ways that fear can decapitate your life, even unconsciously!

Fight your fears and feed your faith!

Feeding your fears will keep you in a box where you believe all the things that you can’t achieve instead of believe that you can and will achieve. Fear is self debilitating and destructive! Tony Robbins describes fear as a poison that constantly lowers your expectation of your outcome, eventually leading you to kill your potential due to a lack of self belief.

The reason we don’t try is because we are so scared of failing.

If you allow fear to stay then it will get comfortable and continue to grow, this will lead you to miss out on great opportunities and blessings around you. People often focus on their fears more than their abilities this will lead to low achievement in life unless you feed your mind right. The fear of failure often stops us from taking the next best step.

You need to recognise when fear is becoming a problem and a hindrance to your achievements in life. Don’t let fear constantly hold you caged in and worried. Ask yourself ‘what are you afraid of and why?’ make a list of ways to combat the feeling of fear. If anything contributes to the feeling of fear then you need to let it go!

Ask yourself - Why should fear have a constant place in your life? How can I feed my faith instead of feeding my fears?

What are you going to do to become relentless and overcome your fear?

A change of mindset and a ‘can do’ attitude is the right start. Start to speak about the things that you will overcome instead of the things you can’t. Look towards what you can be instead of what you can’t be. Feed your mind every day with the right words and make a conscious effort to place yourself in an environment where you are not overshadowed by the voice of fear. What you believe about yourself and about your potential is what will become. It’s important to recognise who you are and what you are capable of.

Sometimes we speak and think so negatively which contributes to the growth of fear in our lives. Fear will stop you from taking action which will stop you from getting your desired results and then your outcome remains the same.

We often envision our dreams not being fulfilled instead of envisioning that it will.

Fear can hold you captive like a prisoner! You need to liberate yourself by reminding yourself of how much you have achieved in your life so far.

Each week exchange your fear for faith.

‘For I have not given you the spirit of Fear or Timidity but of Power and Love and a Sound mind’

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