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Embrace Self Discovery

The journey of self discovery is a very interesting one and it is described as ‘the process of acquiring insight into one’s own personal character’. The truth is we don’t stop learning about ourselves because our character develops and changes every single day, this is also dependent on the environment that we are in and the people that we are surrounded by.

I thought that once I got to the age of 21, I would know everything about myself but that was not the case because self discovery is an on going process. I find out more about my strengths and weaknesses every single day, it is not always pleasant but a fundamental path on this journey called life. Don’t be in a rush to know all there is to know about you. Let life help you uncover just how awesome you really are and remember that this is a process.

Most of us think that we know ourselves inside out, but each new day brings new growth, new blessings and new challenges which helps us discover our potential, limits, boundaries and so on. Often times we meet people who come into our lives and teach us more about ourselves than the day before. Do not see self discovery as a pain, instead see it as new growth especially when you are faced with difficulties.

I started to embrace self discovery by travelling, engaging with new people, reading a wider range of books and trying out new things. When you take yourself out of your usual comfort zone you find out a lot more about yourself like what you can and cannot handle. If you stay within your usual comfort zone then you limit your ability to discover more about you.

‘Like a plant in the garden I had to grow, even when the storms came and the seasoned changed, i discovered a way to keep growing. The sun shine magnified my beauty and that was when you were finally able to see that I grew through it all’

Embrace your self discovery.

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