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Kind Words/Gestures Go A Long Way.

Let's face it, life can be tough and a kind word can go a very long way. It's nice to be encouraged by a friend, family member, work colleague or even a random stranger. It doesn't really matter who it is as long as they give you that burst of hope & vitality all over again and you can do the same for someone else. I remember there was a day I was walking to work and I was greeted by a stranger who simply said 'Good Morning - Have a lovely day' and indeed I did. I was a bit startled because it doesn't happen often and i found it a little strange at the time but I was really happy that he decided to say that to me. A similar situation happened when I was on my way home more recently, Monday evening to be precise, where this person shouted out to me 'Hello - How was your day?' and I replied 'Fine thanks - How was yours?' and that was it.

The truth is we need to be encouraged sometimes, some people need more than others but bottom line is we all need a dose here and there. Encouragement comes in different forms but imagine if we all did our bit, I'm sure there would be less suicide, depression and overall sadness. I am not saying we should wait on what people say to us before we get on with it, we can even encourage ourselves by reading a book, saying a prayer or my personal favourite - reading inspiring quotes, but let's be honest ~ a kind word goes a very long way.

A friend of mine at work sent me a cupcake last Friday with a lovely message and it really made me smile. This was for the theme of Valentine's day and she decided to make me laugh with a little joke we share from the famous Dj Khaled. Even though this was what we refer to as 'Work Banter' I read the message and it resonated within me. The message and the cupcake not only made me laugh but also encouraged me.

There's a quote I love that says 'Be kind to everyone you meet because everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about'.

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