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How Do You See Yourself?

'The eyes are the windows to the soul'

Definition of Reflection: An image seen in a mirror or shiny surface

-Serious thought or consideration

What do your eyes see when you look at you?

Do you confuse what you see, with what others see?

Do you make the conscious effort to see the best in you rather than the worst in you?

The most important reflection is self reflection. Take a good look at yourself and appreciate the scars, the flaws, the good times, the hard times, the blessings and the beautiful. Look at yourself & see how far you've come and how much you've grown over the years.

Many times we see ourselves the way that others see us because their words leave a footprint all over our skin. Many times we forget to appreciate the hard work and effort that has gone into moulding us to the person that we are today. You need to look at yourself and understand who you are because it has taken a great wealth of time to get there.

For me self reflection is a time of pausing and evaluating where I am at and I personally try to self reflect as much as I can. There are no rules when it comes to how often it should be done or where it should be done and so, but one think is for sure - it's an important piece of the puzzle.

Reflection is not just what the mirror puts in front of you, it happens on the inside.

So I ask again ~ How do you see you?

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