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Get Unstuck

Sometimes the same old routines become boring and unfulfilling. Try changing things up a little but start small.

Small changes: 

- Easier to maintain and progressively build a habit

- You are more likely to build on and manage the small changes as opposed to the gigantic changes that send you into a frenzy of uncompleted tasks

- The human mind thrives on achievement.

If it no longer serves you or helps your emotional well being, mental health or general lifestyle then it is time to let it be.  Too frequently we find ourselves trapped in old cycles and outdated re-runs, it is time to switch things up.

If you find yourself feeling bored, worrisome and unfulfilled then go back to basics and start creating a list of things you desire to experience but are too afraid to do. One of the big issues that keeps us feeling stuck is the idea that what we want is unattainable, how do you know it is unattainable if you have never tried?

Create your list or your spider diagram and stop over thinking the process. Overthinking does not create change.

The List or spider diagram

~ Things you would love to do but have no idea how to do

~ Things that are a little more realistic

~ Things that are outside of your comfort zone

Keep in mind that the goal is to get unstuck from the current habits that no longer fulfil you from within. 

Your mentality & your mindset is your driving force, it is down to you to undo and unlearn the very things that have kept you in 'captivity' for so long.

We do ourselves injustice when we allow ourselves to stay stuck in the same old routine and we do not try to do much (if anything at all) to change it, yet we keep saying the same things day in day out. 

                           'Doing the same things and expecting a different result is insanity!'

Tips for getting unstuck

1. Say something positive to your self every single day until you believe it and become it.

2. Stop waiting on someone else to do the work for you ~ be your own driving force

3. Do not be afraid to change lanes. Sometimes we stay in a lane that is not moving at the particular speed that we want but we just use cruise control and we do not get to our desired location any faster. Say NO to your comfort zone

4. If people leave let them go - this also applies to you if you feel that you are surrounded by the wrong people then it is truly time to move forward

5. Realise that you are making the choices for you and not for everyone else, time is selfish and so you need to be selfish with your time.

6. Pray for clarity and fresh ideas.

I hope this encourages you to get unstuck and break the barriers that are keeping you in the place that you should not be.

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