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Hiatus - a pause or break in continuity in a sequence or activity.

Whenever you feel that you need a break, take one. Never allow yourself to get to a place where you lose your inner peace or compromise your well - being for the sake of anything.

Your peace matters. In fact it matters a lot.

I took a hiatus from writing for many reasons, most of which I did not really understand and even when I wanted to write I felt as though I still required a 'break'. I was eager to write but not ready to write. I would write on my phone, in notebooks but for some reason I would not write on my blog in the fear of writing inadequately. I had topics on my mind but then I would second guess my writing ability while trying to put pen to paper, the mind can become a maze if not centred.

You can lose yourself on a wild path of thoughts and then end up asking yourself 'how did i end up here, lost and found at the same time?' I asked myself many questions in the past few months while everyone around me would say, 'Sarah ~ how is writing going?' and my answer was simple ~ 'It's fine'. I hoped it would be fine and I hoped that I would get back into my blog writing whilst doubting whether my work would meet the high standard that I had set myself, whilst learning that there is a very thin line between self critique amd self sabotaging.

During my hiatus I started to reconfigure, to understand all over again that my gift and ability to write is from God and has purpose. One of my favourite quotes is ~Not all who wander are lost ~ I reminded myself that writing is a part of who I am and I should not take it for granted. Slowly coming out of the cocoon in the hope of becoming an even better writer than I have ever been and allowing myself to evolve with grace and in faith minus all the crazy pressure.

Let go of pressure, it is heavy and makes the journey ahead even tougher than it needs to be. Instead hold onto faith and be driven by passion. One foot in front of the other and you will get there. The path of faith is a journey and everyone's path is different.

Dear Reader,

Let your gift continue like the heart beat within. You are as good as your thoughts and it is up to you to believe that you can and you will achieve exactly what you put your mind to.

Sarah x

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