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A Beautiful Masterpiece - Ty Bello

I can and I will.

I recently watched a video of TY Bello on a series called King Women and I was overcome with inspiration, her craft is exotic and seamless. If there is one point I grasped from her truth is that you can do absolutely anything that you put your mind and heart into. Ty Bello started off styling hair, then she had a career in music and then in photography. Overall Ty Bello is a beautiful masterpiece and she is a creator. She continues to create astonishing images which can be viewed in awe, worldwide.

You have got exactly what it takes to be awesome

Never think that you have not got what it takes to do this journey called life. Just keep doing what you love and climb through and over the obstacles. If you enjoy a particular hobby and you want to broaden your scope then give it a shot, if it works out then great but even if it doesn’t at least you can say you tried.

Even the awesome Ty was knocked back in her earlier journey of being a hair stylist. Ty finished a bridal styling of 12 bridesmaids and a bride and was then waiting to be paid. The husband of the bride knew that she was waiting to be paid, he then threw the money at her and she was left in sheer humiliation picking up her well earned pay from the floor. Nonetheless she picked herself up and fought even harder after this ordeal.

Life will throw some stones at you, life will hurl some insults at you but you need to be able to get up and just keep going.

One element that was definitely prevalent through TY’s journey was her love for God and her sturdy relationship with God. Through it all you must know and believe that God loves you irrespective of what it all looks like right now – He has a greater plan. She was well aware of how much God loved her and she doesn't hold back showing her love for God through her soulful music as a gospel singer.

We are all beautiful masterpieces in different stages and in different seasons.

Once you try and you give it your all, believe me that is more than enough, that is your seed planted! Once you’ve planted your seed, it’s definitely time to do some watering.

Ty Bello continues to create masterpieces using her passion for photography and art. Her work is timeless and stunning, both musically and in photography. The unique combination places her in an authentic league of her own. Her work can be described using two words - Beautiful Masterpiece.

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