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What is your life scent?

​Your life scent...does it smell like desperation, frustration and poor choices or do you smell like faith, hope, gratitude and self motivation?

What is your life scent?

What is the scent that you leave lingering around even after you have left the room?

Are you feeling quite negative? Do you then spread that negativity onto others too? We are human so we do have days where we are not in the mood to smile, but in the midst of your rut ask yourself a few questions - am I handling this situation in the right way or could I do things differently?

The saying goes that 'the first impression counts' well yes it does but I believe that the lasting impression of who you are and what you leave behind counts so much more. Your unique scent is always following you around, remember that!

Are you that person that turns a negative situation into an even darker place or do you bring light to diffuse the hostile environment?

What scent are you leaving around daily?

If you don't like your current scent then you have the power to change it.

Leave a scent that people don't want to get rid of.

Keep shining

xo Sarah xo

This week I've got the a few words of inspiration from the head of the luxury lifestyle brand - Mayowa Samuel London

Mayowa Samuel London is a luxury lifestyle boutique specialising in products ranging from home and office fragrances to household products and stationery.

'We believe that there are many forms of beauty, yet true beauty rests in being true to whom you are and therefore through our work we aim to encourage this ideology; as such we are focused on delivering new perceptions of luxury and beauty'

What inspired you to create your brand?

I have always been a business oriented individual, Just like most kids I wasn’t fond of school, however, after going through the school system through to completing an Economics degree and to now starting my own business; I have found myself engrained into further learning, which is Ironic to say the least.

I have countless brainstorms and plans for businesses hidden away that I didn’t pursue for one reason or another (looking back at it no reason seems good enough) although regarding my current business, I began developing it shortly after the sudden death of my father, at the time I felt a tremendous sense of clarity in terms of what I wanted out of life, where I saw myself and what I had to offer. It was a gift given to me through tragedy, I had found my ‘why’: To inspire those I loved, Family, Friends and even strangers.

Initially I wanted to develop and sell fragrances, and once I put in the countless hours of research, development and procrastination, I was good to go. I wanted to develop a brand that stood for something bigger than money or myself, a brand that would genuinely enrich the lives of other both directly and indirectly; my overall aim/goal became to create a culture that celebrates and enhances our daily lives, that identifies beauty and luxury in day-to-day life. A brand that would inspire and create.

Where do you see your brand going?

I believe the possibilities are endless for the brand. I definitely see us developing more luxury products for both home and office.

Furthermore I would love to see the brand expand in terms of displaying different forms of creativity such as film, art and literature.

Finally we will most certainly be heavily involved in charity work and will look into new and diverse methods of giving back. As Africans; Community and Culture are principal to us and we aim to encourage others to embrace their heritage and principles; therefore we will endeavor to reflect this pride of culture in our brand  

I see the brand growing and partnering with different businesses and individuals to reach our goals.

The future is bright!

What would you say to anyone who feels that they can't carry on & is at the point of giving up?

I imagine that everybody, everywhere has felt like giving up at some point in time. For some it may be once in a while when things seem hard, for others it may be once a week on a Monday.

I believe its important to always come back to why you started in the first place, why do you want what you want. The clichés regarding the journey to success and its hardships are vast, so it’s easy to become desensitized to them. So I just say to people, you are important, your thoughts, your ambitions, and your ideas are significant.

You deserve to be seen and heard and you would be surprised by who is interested in what you have to offer. Don’t give up, pause if you must, cry if you must but just don’t give up because more than anything you deserve to be heard.

This is the advice I would give to anyone, it is advice I give to myself all the time.

Life is short; lets fill it with love and laughter.

I hope to live a life of fulfillment, One that I can look back proudly upon, if I ever do, but also one that can be looked at by others for motivation and inspiration.

A quote that resonates deeply with me speaks,

"Great means passing on, passing on means going far, going far means returning"

I feel that this embodies important goals for life, to take risks that will propel us forward into greatness, and most importantly to return and help others do so as well.

Be free, be vulnerable, be phenomenal and be you.

Remember pressure makes diamonds.... so shine!

Isaiah 60:1

“Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon you.

This week (ONLY) you can get 10% off Mayowa London...enjoy!

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