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The 'U' Project

Guess what??? 'U' are the key to finding what fulfils you! If you want to feel more fulfilled then start by working on you! I'm sure you've heard the quote 'The best project you'll ever work on is yourself' it's the truth!

And again (just because repetition is the mother of learning) The best and most fulfilling project you will ever work on is YOU. This is exciting!! If it doesn't feel exciting then change the mundane routine. Find the strength to work on making yourself better (one day at a time) and more fulfilled in every step of the way, don’t be afraid to start again. Don’t be annoyed with yourself for having to start over, instead just keep at it. 

When you work on the things that you want for yourself, like:

- Maintaining a balanced diet

- Regular Excercise

- Spiritual growth

- Career/Education

- Well being/Health

- Relationships

- Having more personal time


You will definitely start to feel a sense of personal fulfilment which is important for us as humans. Here are a few keys to making sure you open the door of fulfilment

Take responsibility

It’s time for you to take ownership over project 'U' and what you want. Waiting on someone else may leave you in a state of disappointment. Self – dependency is you taking charge of 'U' and making your situation work for 'U'.

Take small steps

Take small manageable steps towards the 'U' project. If you jump in head first then you might find that you feel a little overwhelmed and you may start to decrease productivity as a result. If you take small steps then you will actually get something done instead of giving yourself anxiety with unrealistic deadlines! Literally make that list but don't make a list that will leave you wishing that you never made the list in the first place.

Time for 'U'

Take steps to empower yourself in other areas of your life. Take up a hobby or sport, join a club or take up a course. If you help yourself to feel more confident, you will feel more in control of your situation and more able to conquer your fears.

Project 'U' is undeniably the game changer and the three points above is pivotal to start working on yourself, it's never too late. If you feel unfulfilled in any area of your life then it's certainly up to you to make the changes that you want to see.

It's never too late, be present and you'll see that the time is always NOW!


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