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You have been robbed by Self Doubt ft Emeka Egbuonu

Please believe this!!! The quote 'Doubt kills more dreams than failure will' is a quote made famous by Suzy Kassem. This is a bitter truth.

The more people that I speak about goals, dreams and visions the more I realise that self doubt is the real thief out here.

You doubt your ability

you doubt your strength

you doubt your vision

you doubt your whether you'll be good enough

The truth is, if you have been blessed with a vision then you can attain it. As a man thinks in his heat so is he - proverbs 23:7. You have got to be willing to push past the invisible barriers that are holding you back and I can be sure that self doubt is one of them. Self doubt gets rid of the dream before you have even started to make a move towards it. It's like planting a seed in the soil and then uprooting it straight away.

Self doubt is one of the reason's why the grave yard is referred to as the richest place on earth because of all the ideas, gifts, talents that were never birthed. Other contributors that have endorsed this saying are fear and laziness.

Self doubt literally turns your flowing spring into a dried out, parched space of emptiness and there you have, you have been robbed! You get a beautiful in your mind but instead of trying to make it happen, you do absolutely nothing with it, because you've been robbed by self doubt.

Self doubt is the reason that you feel stuck and invisible. Imagine if you actually put time accompanied with effort into at least one of your many great ideas! Even if it doesn't work out - that's not the point, the point is that you put it out there and tried it out!

A recent quote I came across said 'Failure makes the great path to success'. I know that no-one ever wants to be branded as a failure but there needs to be a shift in your mentality, where you see passed failures as stepping stones

Don't be a doubter be a do-er.

Sarah xoxox

Emeka Egbuonu is an astonishing author of three books, his most recent book is titled My Sister's Pain about two sister's on their journey to happiness. Read what Emeka had to say on staying motivated and pressing forward -

How do you stay motivated?

How I stay motivated is by creating short term targets that I feel are part of a bigger picture. I celebrate each milestone before setting the next target. This keeps me motivated because I can slowly see the bigger picture looming much closer.I keep positive, like minded people in my circle, so even when I have days I feel down, I know there are people who will not let me feel sorry for myself. When you wanted to give up, what did you do next?

I have this small voice in my head that wants to give up, it is the voice of self doubt and every so often that voice gets louder & louder. It is easy to give into that voice especially as the task at hand gets harder. One thing I like to do is to remember the voice that created the goal in the first place and gradually all I need to do is turn up the volume of the voice that created the ambition. Once that voice is loud enough giving up is never an option. This is easier said than done, again it is also down to how badly you want to succeed. What would you like to say to someone who has given up and doesn't feel inspired about their dreams and visions?

It is easy to say find a way to stay inspired and to be frank that is not realistic. What I do as a writer is to research the people who are already where I want to be, go to events where there will be people who are already successful (in my field). Having conversations with these types of people will 9 times out of ten reignite the fire that diminished inside of that person. Hearing their stories and remembering why you even started is key. Sometimes you might just need a break, it might not even be that the individual has given up - sometimes the journey is just not straight forward.

I love to write and I have messages that I want to share with the world.

My Books My first book - Consequences, breaking the negative cycle. This was written out of frustration, I was working day in day out, with young people and I needed a medium of sharing my messages beyond Hackney where I worked. This first book opened the door to the journey I've had so far. It is a non fiction book about tackling some of the social issues young people from deprived areas face. Ambitions of the deprived was my second book - My first crack at writing a novel. This book was about 4 teenage friends who promised each other that they would always look out for each other. Joint enterprise is a key theme in this book when one of the characters gets charged for a crime he did not commit. This book also explores friendships amongst young men. My Sister's Pain is my most recent book, although very different from my previous two books, I thoroughly enjoyed writing. The story of Adaora and Nkechi, two accomplished sisters who are on a path to find happiness as well as keeping their parents Happy. This book was launched at the Hackney Empire as hundreds came out to celebrate sisterhood.

You can find more of his awesome work on .

Be A Do-er not a doubt-er.

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