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So how do I stay motivated? By Ves Blake

"A dream doesn't become reality through magic, it requires hard work, determination and dedication"

Having a dream is amazing, its great to dream, but lets be frank, dreaming is the easy part. Doing what needs to be done to achieve that dream is the difficult part. I often get asked how do I stay motivated to achieve my goals, my answer is never a short one as I've applied numerous strategies to achieve various aspirations.

Number 1: Never lose sight of the vision

I'll start with one of my early goals, my career goal. If you had asked me at the age of 16 what I wanted to be when older, I would've replied a teacher. If you had asked me the same question at age 21, I would've provided an identical answer. A few years later I was a qualified teacher with a masters doing my 'dream' job. My journey between these 10 years was tough, I had so many bumps and hardships that almost lead to me giving up. What kept me going was I never lost sight of how my dream was birthed. It's so important to constantly remind yourself of your personal motivators especially when the going gets tough. I had made a promise to myself to give a standard of education and duty of care to others which I wish I had received. Additionally I wanted to repay my parents (especially my mums) sacrifices, I saw them struggle and cry and didn't want it to be in vain. These 2 factors kept me going even when I mourned my close friends, feared for my own life and had to pay for my own A levels after being kicked off all my courses.

Number 2: Accountability and Support Systems.

I would share my ambition to teach with whoever would enquire about my career ambitions. Now many will you tell you keep your plans sacred and to an extent I agree but sometimes you need accountability. I received this from so many people reminding me why I wanted to be a teacher and the impact I had promised to make. As I got older I acquired two mentors and a group of confidants who I can be open and honest without judgement. Having a mentor creates that personal accountability and allows you a space to be as transparent as you need to with them. I pray with my mentors, I grieve with my mentors and share my happy and saddest times with them. Having a source of safe verbal release is medicine for the heart and soul.

Very rarely will you put a destination into a sat nav and reach your journey at the stated time. Sometimes there's unforeseen circumstances such as crashes, road works or car issues. You can plan as much as you want, however there's always some things you just cannot control. What I do know is if the final destination is of importance, you will somehow find a way to get there, irrespective of whats happened en route. The same applies to your goals. You cannot plan them from start to finish, you cannot forecast or control external factors. Some days you may be depressed and want to give up, that's fine, you're human. However, having a mentor or a friends you can call on, make these rough patches considerably easier. It's your chance to de-burden yourself so you can recalibrate and push on.

Proverbs 27:17 Iron sharpens iron, So one man sharpens another.

Number 3: Be proactive

Recently I've struggled to be as motivated so I adopted some new ideas, these are ideas that anyone can implement. I have stuck numerous reminders around my room in the form of post it notes, pictures and previous achievements. I have a transparent phone case and on the back of it, I have a series of notes and motivating bible passages. Whenever I look at my phone or around my room I immediately find a renewed urgency which fuels my motivation.

I also believe it's very important to be inspired by others. Listen to others stories, listen to their struggles and their successes. Very rarely will you be going through something that someone else has never gone through. I watch interviews and videos of people I think are amazing. People who inspire me to be the most amazing version of myself.

When I doubt myself - I read pray and read Phillipians 4:13

When I cannot be asked to exercise - I buy new gym gear and watch champions train on youtube

When I need advice or help - I ask

When I wanted to set up a blog I watched Youtube and looked at other blogs for hours.

These little things make a massive difference

Number 4: Be realistic

Not everyday will be full of smiles, there will be cash loss, time loss, tears, arguments and all the above. Expect these things to happen but have a change of mentality towards them, embrace and learn from them. What doesn't kill you will educate and make you stronger. "L" doesn't stand for loss it stands for Learning.

My Name is Vescoe Blake for short Ves Blake (I don't use my real name so students can't locate me). I'm an entrepreneur, masters graduate, boxing coach, blogger, father, boxer and Head of Curriculum. - I'm a young one world ambassador and mentored by Dr Lord Michael Hastings. My passion is helping others, if I could rename myself, I would call myself empathy. I love mentoring others and helping people identify their best.

I started my first company at the age of 12 which was a car wash company, I then started an events company in University doing catering. I've since set up a sports for change platform aimed at young people, an online men's accessories store plus a growing men's fashion and lifestyle blog. I've recently set up a podcast called "A conversation with Ves Blake" (Soundcloud and iTunes).

Check out more of Ves Blake's work on

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