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Have you given birth? Ft Sarah Aluko

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So today it's all about giving birth, this is a whole different kind of birth though. The birth of your dreams, your visions, the gift within you, courage - the list is endless.

The important thing that I want to share with you today, is that you need to give birth and stop holding back what God has asked you to share with the world.

~Stop being selfish~

A friend of mine, Sarah Aluko has given birth to her first book called 'Firstborn' and below she shares a few words of inspiration to encourage YOU with the pursuit of your dreams and visions. If she didn't give birth then this book wouldn't go into the lives of the millions of people who will grab their copy and possibly even pay it forward.

The reason that you need to give birth is because the graveyard is full of ideas that were never birthed, visions that were never birthed and dreams that were never brought to reality.

~NB.The gifts are of no use in the graveyard~

There is no birth without a PUSH you better believe it!! You are going to need to PUSH hard and you might even be PUSHingggggggggg for a while! A dream without a push will just lie dormant to be honest and that's the last thing that you want...right?

Why is it important for you to give birth????? It's because you don't know who you could help or inspire just by pouring out what you have within you. Usually what has been placed on the inside of us, is not for our benefit alone, it's usually to be given.

I encourage you to give birth and release the burning desire that is hidden within you, even if it doesn't work out at least you tried. BUT imagine if it does work out then you'll feel so fulfilled and thankful that you did what you had to do!

Sarah x

Words from Sarah Aluko

What motives you to keep writing on your down days?

Sometimes when writing on topics like love, sex or adversity for example, it can become a difficult task on your down days. There are many times when I have felt vulnerable. In my book I became more honest than I’ve ever been, I delved into dark places that I had hidden for years, I explored my femininity, embraced my transition from a girl to a woman. When you write a book or put anything out there into the world, you have to fight your insecurities daily, some days I could read my work with glee and other days I would ask myself why am I even doing this?

It can be a battle, but you have to remember why you started. I had to write a note to myself to say that I was worthy, my book was worthy and it deserved a chance to come into this world, I literally read this note every day.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by life experiences. Writing allows me to draw from pain and turn in it into power. I aim to keep my writing as truthful as possible. June Jordan (a poet of colour) in 1992 said ‘you cannot write lies and write good poetry’. I believe that it is the truth that can withstand the test of time and resonate with people many years after the poet/writer themselves have gone.

What would you say to encourage/uplift people who want to give up on their dream?

I would say start. Don’t wait. I see now how much time I had been wasted due to fear. You do not need to be perfect to start. You just need to start and watch everything slowly come into place. If it keeps you up at night, don’t ignore it! Everything starts with a step forward.

Go ahead...I dare you to give birth.

Joshua 1:9 - Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go."

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