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Vision 2017 - Danny Wonders

So why is it important to have a vision?

Vision is to see - to have a vision is like having a map - vision creates movement - vision is exactly what you want it to be. There are no limits when it comes to vision!

Vision enables you to create a plan, when you have an overall vision you can make a steady plan towards that vision and keep working at it until it comes to life. If you don't have a vision for yourself then what are you working towards? If you don't have a vision for your finances, your family, your spiritual walk, your career etc then you might be walking through life aimlessly.

A vision can be any size, it can even start off small, you can have a weekly vision, monthly vision, yearly vision etc but the point is that you must have a vision for yourself.

Don't be afraid to re-create your vision or re-juggle your vision! The exciting thing about life is that it is always changing. Life is constantly changing and that's the beauty of it all. When you create your vision for yourself, look at it like a skeleton or like an outline - the reason is because the vision could possibly change. Sometimes change is within our control but most of the time change is completely outside of our control.

A vision for your life doesn't need to be oozing with detail but as long as it's something that you are happy working towards at your own pace. Find different ways to stay motivated even when it looks like your vision is not going to plan. Try - :

- Vision Boards

- Post it notes

- Flash Cards

- Pop ups on your phone

Find a way to keep yourself excited about your vision and if you are consistent then it will all work out.

Danny Wonders is the Creative Director/Editor of Wonder Vision Films. Below are a few words of inspiration from the man himself:

- If you stand still in life and look at others, your life will be left on a standstill. Usually depression comes from when you're not moving, your life is made to look as if everybody is doing well and you're not. It's easier to look at others than it is to get up and do the work yourself, Its only when you decide to do the work, in what you love, that your happiness will grow

- Be careful of what and who you give your time to, not all information is necessary to helping you grow, a lot of people will fail because they choose to dedicate their time to things that take away their time yet add no knowledge for them to apply and move forward. The world is filled with distractions to throw you off what you really came here to do, all that really matters, is your vision, your action and what you do with what you have.

- Remaining positive is a major key to self growth, if you know where you're going, there is no need to complain about your current situation or how many people don't see your worth. As long as you see the light in yourself that is all you need in order to become the star you desire to be. Happiness begins with you, don't tie your happiness to a goal, position or moment.. or you will never find it.

Proverbs 29:18 - Where there is no vision, the people perish:

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