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Passion & Purpose

I love my journal, a birthday gift from one of my really good friends Casey who I've known since we were 10 or 11 years old!!!!!!!! My longest (still going strong) friend.

She got me this beautiful journal for my birthday last year and I nearly cried when she gave it to me because I just loved everything about it, the words on the front of the journal jumped straight into my heart.

So let's talk about passion! Passion is often linked to purpose - what you are passionate about will bring you closer to your purpose.

I'm always having conversations about 'finding purpose' but the truth is your purpose will find you along the journey of life. I used to think that purpose would jump out at me and be so obvious but it isn't. Everyday is a journey of getting closer to your purpose or what some refer to as your calling in life.

Sometimes we feel that there is a rush to find our purpose, we feel like we need to hurry up and find what we are called to do in life but how about if you are already walking in your purpose and don't even realise it.

Purpose isn't always big and flashy, so don't get distracted by what you see other people doing, just keep being yourself and keep doing what you love to do.

Your passion is your unique gift, so don't try to be passionate about what other people are passionate about. You will know it's your passion because you will keep reverting back to it, you might try to dabble in other activities and things but to be honest, you'll just keep coming back to that thing that you are passionate about.

Live your passion, explore your passion, fulfil your passion.

The thing that you are most passionate about is what will fuel you to get up and keep going. If you are passionate about the job you do everyday it won't feel like a chore to get up early and get home late at night. Your passion will become your heart beat. Stay passionate and don't let anyone discourage you, even when people try to discourage you - you just need to encourage yourself.

Remember your purpose might be hidden within your passion!

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