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A Thankful Ending! 2016

Thank You God!

Through all 2016 had to offer we can end the year with a thankful heart. The fact that we are still on this earth means that there is still purpose for us and so much more in store. It might not feel that way at this moment in time but take a look back at the whole of 2016 and end with gratitude.

A grateful heart does a lot more good than a bitter heart. I write this post to say thank you to 2016 for all it had to offer, there were highs and there were lows, laughter and pain, there were amazing holidays with phenomenal people and there were days I just wish I had stayed asleep in my bed but I have to upload the last post of the year to say this is my thankful ending to 2016.

A happy person is not someone who has it all, a happy person is not someone who is perfect or has a perfect life, a happy person is one that chooses to see the blessing behind the storm and anticipates that the sun will shine after the rain.

I wish you all a Happy New Year and a prosperous 2017!

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