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Tunnel Vision

If you want to get there then you need to be focused and have a one track mind, don't doubt yourself or your abilities, just keep moving in the direction that you need to.

When a train is on a track, it is going in the direction of it's destination, the train doesn't deviate unless it has to but even then the train must stay on track. This is exactly what you need to do when it comes to any goal or aim that you have for yourself. We all have our individual personal goals, like: if you want to save money, be a better parent, finish a book or even lose weight, whatever the goal is - you need to have Tunnel Vision.

When I saw this tunnel, my mind immediately envisioned the blog post 'Tunnel Vision' and i thought about having the mindset that doesn't waiver but just keeps on going towards the goal. When i looked through the tunnel i could only see the other side, i couldn't see the left or the right i could just see straight ahead. This is Tunnel Vision, give yourself something to keep working towards and don't take eyes off it until you reach your target.

The reason that we find ourselves coming away from the vision we have for ourselves is because we want an easier route or a route that looks like a shortcut but actually isn't.

One of my favourite scriptures is Phillipians 3:12-17 which says 'I press towards the goal that is before me, which is Christ...', pressing on & having that tunnel vision means that you must keep going no matter what!! You keep striving and grinding, even when it's tough. Tunnel Vision is having the mindset of all or nothing!

Don't be alarmed when the route deviates a little, what does a train do when the tracks cross? the train adjusts and keeps moving but still stays on track.

If the route deviates a little you just need to remember what you want and what you have envisioned the end goal to be.

Be like a train in the tunnel and stay on track!

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