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What Are You Waiting For?

You can spend your whole life waiting for the perfect moment, opportunity, person, gym buddy and so on. In fact you can just spend so much time just waiting, but what exactly are you waiting for? What is it that has kept you back from doing exactly what you've always wanted to do.

Often in life we spend too much time waiting around, instead of actually moving or even attempting to do what we actually want to do. Everyday is a journey of self discovery for all of us, we learn something new about ourselves all the time, which is the beautiful thing about life. But sometimes, we hold ourselves back and the reasons can be completely inadequate (when we think about it).

We often think and think and think about things we'd like to get done but that's where it all ends, in our thoughts! If you wait too long, you'll end up doing nothing except wishing that you had actually done something. I had to sit down and ask myself what was stopping me from making my next move, what am I waiting for? I couldn't even give myself a credible answer, which made it even WORSE. Whenever I tried to justify the reason I was waiting there was always a way around it, there was always a solution waiting on the other side of my excuse.

We've been blessed with a 24 hour day, how we choose to use it is down to us. Time is a precious gift and resource, so don't spend your time just waiting for things to become perfect, or to fall in place, the reality is you need to go out there and get it done. Today a friend of mine played a song and a part of the lyrics were 'You are not in traffic - you are traffic, do something - MOVE' in other words you are the one holding yourself back from moving forward.

Ask yourself today, what are exactly are you waiting for?

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