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Build Your Bridge

How do I get from one side to another? How do I get from being the person I currently am to becoming an even better person?

There are so many routes and turnings in life, I personally see life like a secret obstacle course because you get over, through and around each obstacle but you don't always know what's coming next.

A lot of the time we have weights on our shoulders that we don't realise we are carrying because they aren't physical, they are mostly emotional. Emotional weights are things like un-forgiveness, heartache, broken trust, and other negative emotions. The thing is emotional weight can do a lot of damage to our mental well being and is detrimental to our health. Emotional weight can lead to stress, anxiety and depression if you don't let go of the negative emotions.

How do you build your bridge?

We all know exactly what we are struggling with and what we want to walk away from. It is important to stay focused on the beautiful person you are and to get rid of emotions that make you feel unworthy or sad. It is important to build a bridge to get away from the things you no longer want in your life and walk towards the things you do want in your life. My bridge is prayer, I pray because that is my secret place where I can talk to God about anything and everything. After I have said a prayer I am more peaceful and I feel that I have let go of any destructive emotional weight.

Find your bridge!

Find that place that works for you, where you can walk away from negativity, anxiety, stress and walk towards the emotions that you actually want in your life. Don't stay on the side of the bridge that causes you unhappiness and pain, walk across the bridge by dealing with the negatives and leaving them behind you. The bridge is the part of the journey, walking across the bridge is where you will realise that this is a gradual process and it won't just happen over night. Find a place where you will gain your emotional stability and realise that you actually do have strength within you to get to the other side. The bridge gets you from one place to another, keep walking towards the better you who is free from the baggage that you need to leave behind.

Take yourself towards the better you.

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