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Don't Make Excuses

I make excuses for myself all the time but excuses only lead to more and more excuses which then becomes a long road with no destination. I would often tell myself that when I get one thing then I can go and do the next thing. I try to wait for the perfect moment but I've learnt that there isn't a perfect moment or the right time. If we continue to wait for the perfect moment or the right time then we could be waiting forever. Excuses also lead to procrastination, which is a result of deliberation and the cycle just leads you absolutely no where.

If what you want is attainable or achievable now, then go for it. There are always factors that could make our choices better but if you have what it takes to do what you want to do then don't let your excuses stop you from doing so. We always know when our excuses are valid or invalid and we have to be real with ourselves. If we tell ourselves the truth then we'll realise that we could be getting a lot more done within our day. Don't give yourself an excuse to fail, give yourself the opportunity to achieve.

Take the opportunity to do something that you've always wanted to because once you've done it, you will feel so much happier and there will be a sense of self fulfilment. When you make excuses for yourself, you are simply deterring yourself away but if you make a decision and set yourself a guideline as to how you want to achieve it, then you'll get it done. Excuses will only hold you back from reaching your full potential! I had to tell myself one day that enough is enough, excuses are not going to get me anywhere in fact they are only going to lead me further away from my end goal (I didn't want that) so I recently started to make a list each morning of the things that I wanted to get done that day. If it didn't get done that day, i needed to figure out why and then add whatever didn't get done onto the list for the next day. I'm a visual person, so if I leave my to do list in my mind for too long that is exactly where it will stay (in my mind). So challenge yourself to make fewer excuses and instead get more results.

Don't Make Excuses, Get Results.


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