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Will You Always Be There?

So today at work I received an email from a customer that said '......I can't get down on my knees to read the meter because I won't be able to get back up, my husband who is 83 used to be the one to help me but he is now suffering from cancer and isn't around to help me....'

Life has it's way of teaching us something every now and again, so while I read this email I thought - 'how sad I wish I could just be there for her' - but unfortunately, that would definitely breach data protection if I just showed up at their house.

So the purpose of today's post is to talk about reliance. We rely on our cars to move from place to place, we rely on the plane to take us to the other side of the world and so on.

But, do we expect the people we rely on to be there forever? It would be ideal if the people we rely on could stick around forever, but the sad truth is that they can't. I remember being at school at my teacher said don't rely on me for the answers!!!!!! In my head I thought why are you a teacher then???

Often my dad says to me ' you think I'll be here forever?' in my heart I say yes, but I know that we've all got our time here on earth as hard as it is to accept.

I don't know how some people feel about reliance on others, I think we all rely on someone naturally in one way or another. Babies rely on their parents for everything, some rely on their partners to do their washing and cooking etc but we do need to be able to rely on ourselves as well because the hard truth is that people won't always be there for us to rely on.

Relying on someone else other than yourself is not a bad thing because it actually shows that you trust the other person to do what they said they would do. Sometimes we get let down & the answer is beyond our control or understanding. Reliance shows our dependency and sometimes exposes our vulnerabilities - we might not have the skill/ability to do what we would hope to do, so we ask someone else to help us with it.

I can say that I have learnt the hard way when it comes to relying on people (I'm sure many of us have had a sorry experience when it comes to this). I can't say that I have never been let down, because I have and I was so confused by it. When I was 15 someone who I thought was a friend and who I could rely on, told a lie that almost cost me my life, but it was a lesson learnt!

My ultimate reliance is on God, God helps me through everything, there are many times I question the situation and ask God a series of questions but the reality for me is that God is always there. I don't expect a perfect life or anything like that because perfect doesn't exist for anyone! We aren't made to be perfect we are made to be human.

I've heard people say - 'you can't rely on nobody but yourself' I understand that this can be true for some people but sometimes that isn't the answer either. Remember how companies use the words 'You Can Rely On Us' now we all know that isn't true either.

Reliance Definition : - dependence on or trust in someone or something.

Love & cherish those who you rely on for anything or everything because they might not be able to do all the great things that they do for you today, tomorrow. We need to look after those around us because we can't guarantee that they will be just as fit and healthy tomorrow.

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