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Time At It's Best

Often we hear each other say:

‘I don’t have enough time’ –

‘Time just flew by’

‘Where did all the time go???????’

Time is the present moment, Time is the past and Time is the future. The bottom line is that if time is not used well then it is wasted and unfortunately we can’t bring back yesterday no matter how much we try.

Sometimes we try to re-live the old times through our memories and our imagination, we tell ourselves if we could go back in time we would change certain occurrences that took place. The truth is that we can’t change the time that we have had but we can definitely change the time we have ahead of us. We can’t bring back the days or the months that we lost out on but what is important is that we can change the present moment and the future.

An important factor to consider when trying to make the most out of your day is effective time management.

How do we define Time Management?

‘The ability to use one's time effectively or productively’

‘The ability to manage one’s time well’

Often if you feel you haven't made the most of your day then you might ask yourself questions like ‘Why didn't I get this done when I could?’

Each day is a new opportunity to learn and to make changes to things you're not happy about, so don’t dwell on what you were not able to do, instead think about all the great things that you CAN and WILL do with your time.

What do you do to manage your time well?

  • Make a list

  • Prioritise

  • Plan

  • Don’t give up

How you use your time can change your life because time is precious and invaluable. Be more resourceful and make plans, (plans don’t always go accordingly but you can give it a go).

There will be days where you don’t feel the need to wake up early and get work done but on the contrary there will be days where you need to be as productive as you can in order to achieve what you want for that day/week/year.

Time is of the essence – use your time because it’s the currency to achieving what you want for yourself.

Time Managed well Is a Life Of Productivity.

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