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In A World Full Of People~ Who Do You Have Around You?

The company we keep makes all the difference. Family, friends, work colleagues, partners, associates and so on. I’ve come to know that having the right people around is the change between having a good month or having a bad year. It sounds very dramatic but that’s exactly what it is, the right people can change your life forever but so can the wrong people, they just do it in different ways.

We are subconsciously shaped by our surroundings, environment and people. Often we find ourselves picking up habits (good or bad) from the people we spend most of our time with.

Most of us spend a third of our day in our work places, now that is a lot of time and time is extremely precious. Working with a team that is vibrant and friendly often makes the day go quicker, in comparison to working with people who drain your energy and make you want to pull every single hair out of your head.

The reality is that we can’t always choose the people who are around us, we can’t pick and choose our work colleagues or family, but we can be picky about how we allow people to change our lives for the better or for the worst. The people you constantly have around you will eventually shape your thinking, your focus, your orientation, your drive and overall - YOU!

Now good or bad company is completely subjective and it is up to the individual to know who is right for them. Everyone is at different phases of their lives and none of our journeys are the same. It’s good to have like minded people around who are there to support and advise you whatever the weather. No one has all the answers and it’s nice to be able to talk to various people to share each other’s perspectives.

Sometimes you can get caught in a crowd that might not be right for you, but life has a way of making us see the truth and sometimes it’s not always the way we planned it, especially when it comes to friendships, relationships and generally the company we keep - but that’s life.

One of the great ways to determine who you want to keep around is to be the type of person that you would like to meet. Again, no one is perfect and we all have our own flaws, so we can only give it our best shot. It’s all well and good hoping to have the right people around you but sometimes you could be the one pushing them away. Every now and again it’s good to check yourself by asking an honest friend, family member or partner (anyone whose opinion you value) a few questions about your character and things that they might think you could improve on. It’s a journey not a destination and we learn something new everyday!

So, take a deep look at the company that you keep to make sure that they are right for the path that you are on and be around people who bring out the best in you.

~The simple things in life can make the biggest impact on the next part of your journey.~

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