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February ~The Month Of Love(ing) Yourself

How much do you love YOU?

We've all grown up knowing that February is the month of love and it's all about showing love to a special person ~ or people in your lives.

I'm all for showing love and spreading love but one thing I know is that you can't give what you do not have, so if you do not love yourself how can you give love to another.

Now loving yourself has vast interpretation's and the way I want to communicate loving yourself is deeper than just materials and externals.

Loving yourself is 'The Strength Within', Loving yourself is about internal communication. What do you say to yourself each day? How do you portray yourself? When was the last time that you spent quality time on you? Do you bing yourself down? Do you actually love you???? The questions could go on & on.

Loving yourself is very much to the individual but for me personally it is giving myself time away from everything and spending quality time on me & my thoughts. One of my ways of loving myself is taking walks and taking a few minutes out of my day to C~H~I~L~L. I also pray often which is how I communicate with God and protect my peace of mind. Loving yourself is an on-going journey because everyday we learn more & more about ourselves.

Often we tell another person that we love them when we haven't actually taken the time to love ourselves and appreciate ourselves. Love is very powerful and it starts from within, so just before you reach out to give more of your love away make sure you've saved some love for you because you are important too.

A reference that I've grown up with would be Matthew 22:39 - And the second is like it: 'Love your neighbour as yourself.' this equally shows that if you do not love yourself you can't love your neighbour.

So yes it's the month of lurveeee and it's time to buy some lovely gifts. Make sure you give yourself the most precious gift from within not just this month but always.


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